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. . safely into the (h)arbour . .



January 15th, 2008

warning: lots of pictures

I finished editing the photos from the Loop shoot over the weekend, but put off posting them because I'm generally dissatisfied with the outcome.  The shoot was super last minute, mostly just for fun.  The house and clothes were fantastic but the lighting was horrendous, and I didn't have a tripod.  I need to get some portable flashes, or lights, or something.  Any suggestions?  I also need to find some models, as much as I love my friends... they're making alot of weird faces in some of the shots.  Anyways... here they are...

These shots from the green chair were probably my favourites:

I like this first one of Martha, the rest aren't what I was hoping for... mostly lighting problems. 

The bedroom shots didn't turn out too badly.

These ones just didn't work out at all.  Again alot of lighting problems. 

And finally... one of me : ) courtesy of Uriel.

And on another unrelated note...

Picture of the day:

i love him so much it hurts sometimes

January 12th, 2008

bite the bullet

I'm going to tackle the Loop clothing shoot today.  I think my procrastination has been in part due to the fact that I don't like how the photos turned out.  They still need to be edited and archived anyways.  Tomorrow I'll do the Magnus photos, no matter how little I like that fact.

January 11th, 2008

mock ad for biosta sprouter

Household Item Macro Challenge - Biosta Sprouter

Canon Digital Rebel XT - Canon Macro Lens EF-S 60mm

Shot of the day
Shona and Baby Avery

Here's todays set of old photos I hadn't edited.  I'm avoiding the big jobs like bands, magnus theatre and the loop clothing shoot but oh well I'll do them soon!

Sensational Super Super Circus
One night after the bar my friends Rachelle and Kirsty decided we were going to hold a circus.  What I love is that we could pull it off in only a couple days - we all have circus props and various costumes in our closets!  I'm the one with a blue wig and ridiculously coloured clothes.

This day really frustrated me though cause I didn't have the camera/lens that I normally use and the light was horrendous.  Very flat and overcast. 

January 10th, 2008

My old roommate Allison had an art show in a local coffee house recently, these are some snapshots of the opening night.  It was interesting to see these pieces finished and up in public spaces because many of them decorated the walls and floors of our apartment in various states of completion. 

These were taken last autumn as I flew over Lake Superior back into Thunder Bay on a friend's small aircraft.  The lighting was terrible and the windows dirty, but I do like how some of the black and whites turned out in the end. 

neighbourhood snowplow

It snowed again! :)  The city doesn't plow our side streets until late in the day so my downstairs neighbour decided to take things into his own hands and plowed the street with his pickup.  I wanted hot chocolate and had no milk so I snowshoed to Calicos!

January 9th, 2008


i'm so behind in editing/archiving
i have a ton of band photography


2 magnus theatre productions
little shop of horrors and
the survivor of the edmund fitzgerald

the loop clothing shoot from high st

aerial shots for superior outdoors

allison's exhibit at calico's

i think for now i'm going to focus on editing/archiving a folder a day instead of shooting every day.  otherwise i'm going to end up suuuuuuper backlogged.

on a funny random side note i was reading the few entries i made when i first started this journal...
exactly two years later this is still one of my favourite photos ive ever taken:

yet again

well that lasted all of what, a month last time i tried this two years ago?  i don't plan on posting much personal stuff this time but i need an outlet and motivation for my photography.  this will be my photo-a-day journal. 

here's what i've been up to most recently, i'll post many more later from the last couple of months.

January 23rd, 2006

huge photo post

All the following photos were taken with my new CANON 60mm F2 8 Macro USM!

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+5Collapse )

+4Collapse )
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